About Us


Guelph City Realty proudly began over 70 years ago when we acquired our first building located at 48 Carden Street in downtown Guelph. We continued adding buildings in various Guelph neighborhoods and eventually purchased the Wellington Building in 1980 after it was ravaged by fire.  After four years of meticulous restoration, we were awarded the Guelph Arts Council Heritage Award for revitalizing an essential historic landmark to downtown Guelph.  The Wellington Building now stands as a proud representation of our portfolio of historic buildings along with a wide array of other historic and newer-built buildings serving thousands of residents each and every day.


As of 2022, we own over fifty residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties in Guelph and Cambridge, providing tenancy to hundreds of tenants.  We are proud to deliver a wide diversity of residential tenants and businesses a variety of unique spaces. Our residential varies from beautiful high-end historic buildings to cost-effective suburban and our commercial includes economical office spaces, large commercial warehouses, fantastic retail in high-traffic areas, and light industrial. 


We are the ideal company when contemplating your next residential or commercial move, so contact us today at 519-821-4610 or admin@guelphcityrealty.ca to discuss your residential or commercial requirements, as we look forward to serving you in the near future!